March 28-29, 2020. Sangli, Maharashtra, India

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Step towards innovation


सुप्रबन्धे राष्ट्र समृद्धि


Manifest your business acumen


Unlocking the knowledge

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2020


Step towards innovation

Fees: Rs.200 Per team (double participation)

Prerequisites: General overview about different problems faced by people in the society.
Overview: An ideathon is a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for students to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Participants work in teams and use design thinking and innovative learning practices to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions and moving towards its implementation.

Round 1 (EMPATHIZE) : Participants will go through the process of ideation to figure out the problem affecting a larger audience. Teams will be guided in the process of finalizing a problem statement.

Round 2 (CONTRIVANCE) : Participants need to come up with a simple, feasible yet innovative solution to the problem statement finalized from round 1. Teams need to preent their ideas.

Round 3 (ENDURANCE) : Surprise Round

Day 1, 28th March 2020


सुप्रबन्धे राष्ट्र समृद्धि

Fees: (Single Participation) Round 1: ₹ 50 Round 2: ₹ 40

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about political science.
Overview: “Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of the government. Implementation with integrity is the core passion.”Have you ever wondered how a bill is prepared before it is presented in parliament? Get to know about how a ministry takes decisions right from its initial phase to the conquest phase. This event will incorporate different energizing rounds that will make you feel as if you are present in a real ministry.

Round 1 (अचिज्ञता) : Phase 1- प्राज्ञत्व General information about Indian ministry and questionnaire regarding it. 2- अभिप्राय
1: Participants need to answer questions regarding role-playing and analyze decisions taken by the government and put them forth in the form of a write-up.
2:Participants will be provided with a quiz questionnaire including questions that will test their political views and opinions.

Round 2 (संचसद्धि) :Section 1- Information regarding various departments of the ministry.
2- Participants need to prepare a bill based on the specified problem statement.
3-Presentation of the bill and cross-questioning.

Round 3 (यदृच्छा) : Surprise Round

Day 2, 29th March 2020


Manifest your business acumen

Fees: (Double Participation) Round 1: Rs. 80/- Round 2: Rs. 60/-

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about finance, marketing & management.
Overview: Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Since organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. Arbitrage opens this view as an opportunity to manage oneself and bring necessary changes in an organization to gain optimum results.

Round 1 (Bizz Mania) : Phase 1 - Workshop The workshop will cover points such as Financial Management, Marketing Strategy,Business Life Cycle &etc
Phase 2 - BasicBusiness Quiz The quiz will include questions related to aptitude, domains such as finance, share market, trading &etc, questions related to Workshop Session& Case Study.

Round 2 (Strategiate) : Phase 1 -Investment Participants will be investing in some domains as per the need of the domain to gainhigher profits.
Phase 2 - Surprise Round

Day 1& 2, 28th& 29thMarch 2020


Unlocking the knowledge

Fees: Round 1: Rs. 70 (Double Participation) Rs. 50 (Single Participation)
Round 2: Rs. 50 (Double Participation) Rs. 40 (Single Participation)

Prerequisites: Basic General Knowledge.
Overview: Have you watched game shows like ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ or ‘Kya aappaanchvi pass se tezhai?’ and felt that you wanted to participate in such competitions? Or if you are the best quizzer right from school age. Well, here is your opportunity to excel beyond academics! InQuizitiveis an event designed as a quiz show testing the participants’ general knowledge and mental ability with an amazing twist to the questions. It will include various exciting rounds that aim to create the atmosphere of the quiz game shows. As a participant, you will get to know different types of quizzes conducted and you can also test your knowledge via this competition. Overall, this is an event that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Round 1 (Cognizance) : You will be provided with a questionnaire including questions ranging over genres like Mathematics, Mental ability, history, geography, science and technology literature and current affairs, etc. and you have to attempt the questions within the stipulated time.

Round 2 (Enigma) : This round is genre-based. You will be given a maze to solve and the path will be having the genres. .

Round 3 (Buzzantine) : Surprise Round